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do what scares you. then you wont be afraid anymore.
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Elderly Americans Fall in Love With Brazilian Youth Who Practice English Using Retirement Homes CNA


Pup friends… but lookit HIS LIL TONGUE!!


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bismuth ingot; this is a monatomic solid composed of pure bismuth atoms. so cool.


Sat down this week with not one but two different guests, to discuss to different topics to give to the first 2hr+ episode in a while. First, I travel to Brooklyn, NY to talk with street performer Matthew Silver. Who has recently been making noise in the viral section of the internet with his love movement. The day earlier to our conversation Matthew injured his back while performing the worm in a performance. Which led him to being laid up on his couch with an ice pack during this episode. He is an amazing dude with an amazing movement. Check out his videos when you get a chance. Next I talk to Stephen Kellner. Someone who I’ve known for almost a decade now. Stephen and I’s bands have been playing shows together for years. At one time he was in a band called Van Atta High. While I was in a band called Off Broadway. We were both the same age, rising to the top of the NJ scene together and there always seemed to be a silent rivalry between our two teams. I finally get the chance to ask Steve about this and hear what his side of the story was. We also take you back to the MySpace and AIM days. We also cover his latest musical release “12:34” from his band Roderick and of course we’ll listen to a couple songs from it. So check it out.


Man attempts to fly - #MatthewSilver (at 14st Union Square)

matthew silver street performer/clown nyc great messag of peace and love!



My mom is so excited for the new season of Doctor Who that she made a TARDIS appear in our living room. (It’s bigger on the inside)

How will you be celebrating the premiere of Series 8?